Mar 4, 2009

Havah by Tosca Lee - My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile's Retreat by Melissa Meeks

NavPress (Jan 1, 2009)
This author brings us Eve’s perspective on much of the early portion of Genesis as well as expanding on subsequent events not presented in scripture. While there are places that the story veers from what I might have thought happened, I think this author still remains sensitive to the Scriptural roots of her story and the liberties she takes in fictionalizing a well-known tale occur primarily with events outside the time frame we are exposed to in the Genesis narratives featuring these characters. Readers will gain a deeper vision of life for Adam and Eve in the garden as well as their experiences in leaving a home that was intended to be perfect for the corrupt world outside. Being human of course they also are not perfect and it was their choices which landed them outside the garden to begin with but this one change brought with it consequences and struggles that would have never been at issue in the “perfection” of the garden.

Not only must they learn to survive in a hostile environment, they must also learn how to connect and communicate with God. These things were intuitive in the garden at first but sin brought a new separation that had to be bridged somehow and the connection that had been present in the garden was no longer. I enjoyed the depth of the characters and getting to know from this author’s perspective what might have been and how these opening scenes of life on earth may have played out over time and affected the characters living them. As with her previous novel, Demon: A Memoir, Tosca leaves things rather open ended at the conclusion of the narrative. I felt this story however did come to a better resolution despite that open ended wrap-up. I think it depends on a reader’s tastes and what they look for in a book as to whether or not this style of ending would be problematic. I’ve seen other opinions that find them thought provoking and enjoy having the mental exercise rather than finding a lack of resolution frustrating as I sometimes do. (ISBN#9781600061240, 368pp, $14.99)

Drop into Tosca’s website or click the bookcover above to purchase your own copy as well as read more about the book.


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