Jan 31, 2008

Sisters, Ink by Rebeca Seitz - My Review

Originally Posted at Bibliophile's Retreat by Melissa Meeks

What do a Beagle, a BMW and a job at a prestigious Orlando law firm have in common? They all belong to Tandy Sinclair (T or Taz as she is called by those closest to her). In Sisters, Ink Tandy is told to take a vacation due to difficulties with a client at work and decides to load up her Beagle and make the 8 hour drive home to small town Tennessee and her three scrapbook loving sisters. Little does she know there is another person from her past back home as well.

During her vacation, Tandy faces many decisions regarding her future and her career. Can she trust the man she thinks abandoned her after graduation? Will they get a second chance at life together? Why is she pursuing a career in Orlando when she is lonely and unhappy there and her true dreams lie in another state?

Tandy learns that she is trying to earn approval and success in the world’s eyes because she considers herself unworthy of blessings that are right in front of her. She also learns to stop running and open her heart again after the loss of her adoptive mother despite the pain and emotional turmoil that entails. If she doesn’t allow God to take her through it now she will still have to face it later. When she finally thaws and the wall holding emotion at bay begins to crumble, Tandy discovers that life can go on if we allow it to. This seems at first to be light reading but is jammed full of life lessons and takes the reader from casual banter over scrapbook layouts to deep conversations and bonding of siblings. If you enjoy the Sister Chicks traveling adventures give this book a try as Tandy experiences her own journey of finding where her true dreams lie right in her own hometown. I am excited to sit down with the Sinclair sisters again when book two comes out this summer.


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