Jan 22, 2008

Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet - CSFF Feature and Giveaway

Originally Posted at Bibliophile's Retreat by Melissa Meeks

CSFF Presents:
Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet
Waterbrook Press (September 2007)
ISBN: 9781400072521
Paperback $13.99
Genre: Fantasy

An infant is discovered in the midst of uninhabited forest land where the Gatherers collect necessities for those inside the walls of House Abascar. An elusive force draws two of them to forsake their harvesting one day and they stumble upon a mysterious child who oddly seems quite content ensconced in an unidentified footprint like mark near the river bank. No one knows who she is or where she came from and as she grows so do her powers and knowledge that could be a curse or a blessing.

Colors are not only outlawed they have been removed from everything within Abascar’s walls except the palace and as far as the house royalty can reach outside those walls as well. That reach includes the Gatherers’ village where criminal exiles are sent to live out their days as slave labor for the House. These exiles take her in not knowing that she has a gift that could threaten not only her existence but theirs if it is revealed to the wrong people or at the wrong time. Will her gift be discovered by the wrong people? Will it lead to catastrophe or will it bring an end to an oppressive ruling made at the behest of an absent queen? What mysterious powers might these colors own that remain a mystery even to the girl who cannot resist their lure and deny her creativity? Auralia's Colors will answer these questions as well as others while presenting some wonderful inspiration and encouragement to allow our own gifts to flourish.

This is one of the most vivid and imagery rich stories I have read. Yet while the land of the Expanse was born in Mr. Overstreet’s lively imagination, it could really be anywhere and anytime. The ban on colors serves to illustrate the effects of a dictatorial ruling that imprisons the minds and lives of the people and keeps them enslaved to a selfish government that allowed its “love” for another to blind it to the people’s needs and interests. Auralia's gift and her response to the risk it entails provide a glance at how we should respond to our own giftings from the Lord despite what the world may think or expect of us. She cannot deny or bury her gift and we should not try to do so with our own. God has a purpose for the gifts He gives each of us and a place of service those gifts are intended to uniquely fit. Like Auralia we will only find our unique place when we use our gifts in their Giver's service.

Mr. Overstreet has composed an intriguing story with a glowing cast of characters and a world that I am still unable to shake from my vision after putting the book down. On top of that his language is so lyrical it is almost like hearing someone recite one of the old unwritten tales of folklore. The ideas and concepts woven into this plot are amazing and yet so much a part of the language and story the reader is not distracted by them. These ideas and concepts stick with the reader despite their near invisibility or perhaps because of it. I look forward to the upcoming strands in Auralia’s Thread. The Red Strand still has me entranced as well as wanting to know more about the characters I have come to love and the events in which they are enmeshed. According to the publisher’s website The Blue Strand will be available Fall 2008 and I am eagerly awaiting this next installment in an enchanting new fantasy series that provides much more than just entertainment value.
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IN CONCLUSION: I have a copy of this book that I will be giving away. Please leave a comment on this post including a website or email that I can use to reach you if your name is drawn.

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Check out my friend Deena's Interview with Jeffrey for another chance to win a copy of this book.


D. G. D. Davidson said...

Yes, I'd like to enter the drawing for the book. My e-mail is dgddavidson[at]hotmail[dot]com. Thanks for offering this contest.

Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks for your post on Auralia's Colors. Well said. (And for stopping by my site! Cool!)

On a side note, love Oregon's coast. Many happy memories there and photographs. (Go Goonies!).

Would love to be entered in the drawing: ceek(attt)mac[dottt]com



Bebemiqui said...

I'd love to read this ;0)

bebemiqui82 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Pixy said...

Yay, free book!

It seems from all the comments I've been reading on this piece so far the word that best describes it would be, timeless.

Great review! Makes me want to read!

my info: www.shadowofthewood.com pixydustin(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Pamela J said...

I love a book that stays with me and makes me think about it long after putting it down. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you.
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Valerie Comer said...

Not entering your contest, but just wanted to comment. I loved the lyrical tone also and can't wait for the sequel.

ForstRose said...

D. G. D.,
You are on the list and you're welcome.

You're welcome on the stopping by and the contest. You are on the list for the drawing and thank you for dropping by my blog as well.
I also love the coast and am lucky to live within day trip distance of it here in the Portland area. I grew up in the Willamette Valley and despite being a city girl I love nature and wish I lived further out sometimes except for the driving and winter weather LOL.
My grandparents kept a travel trailer and small private fishing boat they owned at one of the small coast towns along Tillamook Bay and would ocassionally take my brother or I and/or our dad out on the bay to fish or crab. I still miss Gpa's chowder and crabs and smoked salmon - store bought will never quite compare I'm afraid.
LOL on the Goonies comment, that would actually be quite a bit further north than where I've spent the most time there but a fun movie nonetheless. I've always wondered if all those caves really exist or if that was just movie sets - hmm something to start looking into when I come up for a breather from reading next time.


ForstRose said...

Thanks for dropping by. You're on the list for the drawing.

Thank you too. You are also on the drawing list. Timeless perhaps would be one way to describe it. The flow of language reminded me of the ancient storytellers you hear of in societies and cultures that had or still have little or no written record. My phrasing in that sentence perhaps wasn't the most accurate to describe that sense I had but the best my brain was able to throw out when I was writing the post.

Thanks for coming by, you are on the list for the drawing. I am nearly through a second book since finishing Auralia and it is still lingering in my mind although of course I have been reading the tour posts this last couple of days too LOL.

Thank you too for stopping in. I am about due for another visit to Hanna's blog to catch up on her latest creative endeavors too.
I think one of the things that caught me in Auralia was the language, prose rarely has that flow to it that Jeffrey's has. Though I have no musical talent whatsoever I enjoy listening to it and when I read although it's only to myself it is as if I am hearing the words in my mind as I read and awkward wording or things that don't sound or look quite right stick out like sore thumbs and trip me up. Auralia had a refreshing lack of any of those issues for me. There was no little editor on my shoulder whispering in my ear as I read for a change.
I also just plain enjoy the way words sound and evoke a certain sense when a writer phrases things just right.


Carol E. Keen said...

Hi Mellisa,

Thank you so much for your comment over on my Blog! :D I am new to blogging, but loving it! I am also rather new to the 2 groups I am in. CSFF and CFBA. :)

I am thrilled at a chance to get this book! That would be wonderful! Turns out I signed up just shy of being able to get it. (Sighs!)

I enjoyed all your reviews, I looked over several of them! I left my name, and my blog in case you need to reach me again.

Many Thanks Melissa!
Carol :)
Carol E. Keen

ForstRose said...
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ForstRose said...


Thanks for stopping by you are on the list for the drawing. Glad you enjoyed my reviews. Keep on dropping by for the new reviews or there's an email subscription box near the bottom of my sidebar: green button that says susbscribe with a box above to type in your email address and below the button it says delivered by feedburner.


ForstRose said...
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mudrash said...

Thanks for the chance to win!

My email is bigo.of.buckland[at]gmail.com

TK said...

This book sounds mysterious, I would love to read it. please enter me in the drawing. Thanks TK
vcw1476 at gmail dot com

ForstRose said...

Mudrash and TK,
Thanks for stopping by you are both entered in the drawing.

Yes there is quite a bit of suspense in this book though I would not characterize it as a mystery or suspense novel.


Amy said...


Please enter me! Also thanks for stopping my blog and the idea about using pictures. :)

Bebemiqui said...
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windycindy said...

What a great review! I think the cover of this book is gorgeous! The cover of a book can pique my interest very readily! Please enter me for a chance to win this book. I appreciate

ForstRose said...

Thank you too for stopping by my blog. You're welcome about the pictures and you are on the list for the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by. I like the cover too. You're on the list for the drawing.


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