Nov 2, 2007

Interview with Geralyn Beauchamp (Time Masters author) - Part 2

Originally Posted at Bibliophile's Retreat by Melissa Meeks
I'm Back with Geralyn again and more fun facts about her and her book.

9. Share with us one of the craziest things you've done or that's happened to you?
Only one? But there are so many! And there are different definitions of crazy you know!

We'll save the rest for other times - give the readers a reason to come back looking to see what we've kept up our sleeves - LOL
OK, I came back from an out of town trip and was sad to find out my son Troy had been up to Oregon for a surprise visit. And boy was I surprised to come home to my car completely wrapped in cellophane not too mention yellow, “Do not cross” tape! I had to call into work the next day to say I would be late. It took me over an hour to unwrap that car! And yes, Troy carries a roll of industrial sized cellophane with him. Youth Pastors are a dangerous lot! My car was not the only one to be so targeted. It’s a good thing my son’s senior pastor has such a good sense of humor!

10. What would be your dream vacation?
To spend about a month touring Europe

Only a month? No way could you even scratch the surface. I spent a whole semester in Paris and still didn't see everything there was. OK so I was also "studying" but still...

11. What five books would you take with you to a desert island?
What only five?!

Yes, well I didn't write the question but I suppose it would be a bit cumbersome to take an entire library to a desert island as much as we'd like to have all those books along - LOL
Well, the biggest Bible I have with the most study notes, (probably my Dakes) my Matthew Henry Commentary, the complete works of Shakespeare, the Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes, and the biggest book of fairy tales I could find. Once rescued from my island plight, I’d have Mother Goose solving a mystery with Little Jack Horner while breaking down tough scripture with their favorite buddies Shakespeare and Matt.

12. What else would you like to share with readers about yourself or the Time Masters series?
Time Masters is really all about relationships. Little did I know when I wrote it that years later I would be irresistibly drawn to relationship coaching! The series will continue to be about relationships and as the series grows, so will the relationships of the characters with each other.

13. What else have you written / are you currently writing (including unpublished works)?
I’ve written a teleplay called “Faith” which was filmed as a tech reel in 1998. It almost filmed in 2003 but the producer lost some of the financial backing (the nature of the beast with film) and after doing numerous other projects over the years he’s now currently seeking backing again. I’m also just finishing up a marketing manual for a company after which, I begin writing TM2.

14. What concept or scripture is God revealing more deeply to you in this season of your life? And how is that revelation influencing your life?
Jeremiah 29: 11-12 In short it’s making me trust Him a lot more and know that yes indeed, He DOES have a plan for our lives. We just aren’t always on the same time table the Lord is!

15. Do you have any teasers you can share for Book Two?
Muiraran women give a whole new meaning to what it’s like to have mood swings!

16. Are there any closing remarks you'd like to share?
Relationships are very prescious. Cherish and nurture the ones you have. In life there are three levels of relationships. Aquaintance, friends, and intimates. Many people hardly get past the first level, and surround themselves with tons of other people, yet they have in reality very few they would call a friend. And hardly any they would say is of such a close nature as to be called intimate.

A big thank you to Geralyn for taking the time to share with us these last two days. Here's Part 1 of the interview. Come back tomorrow to read my review of Time Masters.

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