Oct 4, 2007

Time Masters Book One: The Call - Now Available For PreOrder

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WOO HOO!!!! Cold Tree is now accepting preorders for Time Masters Book One: The Call by Geralyn Beauchamp. Official Release Date is November 1, 2007. Click on cover or preorder flyer graphic for Cold Tree's product page. Congratulations to Geralyn on her first novel's publication!

About the Author:
Geralyn Beauchamp, a Wellness and Relationship coach, has written for fun all her life. A book reviewer for five years, she got to know a lot of great people and write a really big book! A book her author friends finally convinced her to share! Because of this her coaching has segued into writing and marketing for both aspiring and published authors. Geralyn and her family live in the Pacific Northwest.

About the Book:
Get ready for one Wild Ride! The year is 3698 and the threat of civil war is not only brewing, but near boiling. Kwaku Awahnee, Time Master of Muirara, must pass on his Time Mastership to his pre-chosen successor Dallan MacDonald to prevent the inevitable. Councilor John Eaton must tell the unsuspecting Scot of his new office and all it entails. There were, however, a few slight problems. To become a Time Master the Highlander would have to willingly join with a Muiraran Maiden, who stolen as an infant, hidden in another time, and now grown, must mate or die. Dallan’s job of convincing her she was Muiraran, not human, and have her fall in love with him was small compared to the impossible race against time they had to see it done. John’s job was to make sure the Scot was ready to listen. And then of course, talk him into it along the way…

Prologue and Chapter 1; Time Masters Fan Club MySpace- There are several comments from advance readers posted here; Geralyn Beauchamp's MySpace blog; My review.


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